Rodeon Pixplorer500

Rodeon Pixplorer is an unique, fully automated calibrated spherical panorama system.

You can check the website for more details Dr. Clauss and the dedicated website
The unit for the review was kindly provided by the official reseller for Bulgaria

I say "system", because people from Clauss have thought about everything- from transportation (great case), support (excellent stirdy tripod), panoramic dual axis robot, micro 4/3 camera shooting bracketed exposures silently in Live View, LED lamp for extremely dark situations + software solution for automated stitching. All you have to do is bring the equipment, mount it on the tripod, switch on the camera and robot and press OK so it starts the shooting sequence.
And that's it- you have a perfect 512 megapixel 2:1 HDR panorama. The shooting time is always 4:30 minutes, and the stitching time depends on the power of your computer (~ 20 minutes on i7 and 16 Gb RAM). For one panorama you have 406 photos- 58 positions with 7 exposures for each position.